The techniques of the theatre are the techniques of communicating.

Viola Spolin

Auteur is a boutique communications agency. We offer customised courses that utilise techniques drawn from the actor’s craft to enhance communication and presentation skills within the corporate sphere. Our training is highly bespoke, cultivating the most innovative and effective performance pedagogy to meet your business needs.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw


Our unique approach is informed by the tools of the actor’s craft. We provide practical training that is delivered in active, energetic and highly constructive sessions, to ensure that every participant leaves the room feeling confident and empowered. Participants are encouraged to take the reigns and become a communication auteur – someone who is unique, authentic, and in control of their own style. At Auteur, we train through a three step module: cultivate awareness, connect through content, and utilise the principles of performance. We begin with a gentle, constructive analysis and discussion of individual performance styles. Our priority is to assess what is uniquely successful about each communicator – and then, what our roadblocks may be. By identifying and removing road blocks such as anxiety, tension, or lack of confidence, we can allow presenters to focus on the positive elements of their communication repertoire. Our next module focuses on the content, with a particular emphasis on storytelling and emotional and imaginative engagement with an audience. And finally, we embody the principles of performance – how to to quell anxiety using performance technique and psychological principles, and how to use voice and body to sell our message.

Growth as an actor and as a human being are synonymous.

Stella Adler


Les Chantery

Les Chantery

It was while studying a Bachelor of Law/Economics at Sydney University that Les got his first start in acting. He was cast alongside Vin Diesel in the cult sci-fi classic Pitch Black. Fighting for survival and being chased by aliens in the dark confirmed his love and passion for acting and all forms of story telling. He further appeared in shows like Heartbreak High and All Saints before graduating with a Bachelor of Economics after which he immediately accepted a place at Australia’s prestigious NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art). Les went on to work with regarded actors including Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino and was the lead actor in the award winning, critically acclaimed film Cedar Boys. He was awarded the notable Mike Walsh Fellowship in 2007 and went to Los Angeles to continue his studies in film and story telling. 

A trend started to develop over the years with Les’s family and friends asking for his assistance with their work presentations, job interviews and other corporate related communication scenarios. They were all successful in their pursuits which solidified for Les that his combined academic and performance degrees meant he could offer a unique and effective form of communication training. Since that time Les has worked with a multitude of corporate sectors including CEO’s and senior leaders among the most leading multi national companies, their respective teams of employees and many other individuals who endeavour to be the most dynamic and impacting communicator they can be.

Anna Houston

Anna Houston

Ever since she was handpicked from two and a half thousand other hopefuls for a place at the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Australia’s most prestigious drama school, Anna has approached the art of acting with great passion, tenacity and rigour.

Within a year of graduating from NIDA she fulfilled a lifelong ambition of performing under the direction of revered theatre director John Bell (AO OBE), for his company Bell Shakespeare. From there she set up camp at Sydney’s acclaimed Opera House, treading the boards there for many years to come. From Sydney she sallied forth to stages in Europe and Asia, making time to perform in every capital city in Australia along the way. She has popped up in beloved Aussie dramas All Saints, A Place to Call Home and Blue Heelers, and worked with some of Australia’s best film directors, including the Cannes prize winning Shirley Barrett and George Ogilvie (AM).

Anna also holds a degree in Communication and Cultural Studies from Western Australia’s Curtin University, with a focus on how cultural dynamics shape professional communications. Her love of language stretches from the written to spoken word, and with more than a decade of professional experience in the performance industry, Anna’s understanding of the art of communication is innate. Anna’s ability to translate the actor’s craft into practical communication techniques for corporate clients from a range of industries continues to earn her a growing and glowing client base.

The human being who acts is the human being who lives.

Lee Strasberg


Online Communication

When communicating in the digital space, it’s easy to feel robbed of everything that makes interpersonal communication warm and authentic. How do we connect and communicate when the digital space makes us feel so far apart? How do we bridge the distance between ourselves and our online audiences?

Screen actors are able to transcend the limitations of the digital space. For decades, our favourite actors have possessed the superpower of reaching through film and television screens to make their audiences feel connected, seen and heard. How do they do that? How do the stars of the screen project warmth, integrity, strength and authenticity straight into the hearts and minds of their audiences? Les and Anna have trained with the very best at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. They’ve spent the better part of a decade translating the actors craft to the corporate sector. The present heightened demand for online communication training is unprecedented. With a wealth of research and real world practice between them, Les and Anna are uniquely qualified to coach even the most screen shy communicator to a position of calm, persuasive confidence.

Presenting with Power

At Auteur, we believe every presentation has the power to transform its audience. Our training is focussed on unlocking potential and removing roadblocks to find a style of presenting that feels powerful and authentic. We coach participants through a process of self analysis, cultivating greater awareness of communication styles and personal habits. We analyse the art of storytelling, giving you the tools to formulate content that stirs audiences into action. And we provide the practical tools of performance by teaching you how to gain control of your vocal instrument, utilise persuasive and positive body language, and transform pre performance nerves into focussed performance energy.


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1:1 Training

Personalised communication training should never follow a “one size fits all” approach. At Auteur, we believe that every individual deserves an individualised coaching experience. One to one training provides clients with an intensive session in which their individual needs dictate the structure, format and projected outcome of the coaching program. Sessions are tailored to specific objectives, whether they be building confidence and executive presence, preparing for a presentation, keynote address, pitch or media interview, or to simply flex your muscles as an active and engaging communicator. Whatever your needs, we can provide highly specialised sessions that are focused, intensive and uniquely tailored to you.

Media Training

Take control of a range of media opportunities to deliver messages that are concise, clear and persuasive. Experienced performance specialists explore with participants the demands of communicating across a broad spectrum of mediums, including onscreen, radio and online. This highly practical and interactive training will give you the tools from the performing arts industry to ensure that in every medium your messaging is persuasive, authentic, and tailored to its audience.

Custom Courses

Bespoke Offerings

At Auteur, we understand that unique business challenges require unique solutions – and we’re committed to customising training specifically tailored to your specific needs. No matter what your organizational requirements may be, our team at Auteur has the on field experience to supply highly practical training that participants can utilise the moment they leave the room.

Women to the Front

Women face unique pressures in the corporate space, and at Auteur, we offer specialised training to meet these unique challenges head on. Women are often encouraged to “find their voice” and “own the room” – but how do we learn to do this in a practical, repeatable way? Women to the Front teaches women how to build greater presence and confidence through the vocal and physical techniques used by actors. Strong, centred body language, powerful vocal skills, deep breathing and postural training are just some of the tools handpicked from the actors craft that will enable participants to have greater control of their communication style. Learn the tools from the actors craft that instil greater visibility, presence and confidence, enabling you to pursue more focussed communication objectives. Don’t just learn the jargon – this practical course gets you on your feet and puts you front and centre.


Auteur directors Les Chantery and Anna Houston are experienced, highly engaging professional speakers. Having performed on theatrical stages, film sets and television screens globally, Les and Anna are at home onstage, sharing their unique skill set with audiences from a diverse range of industry backgrounds. Together they have delivered keynote addresses for audiences ranging from 50 to 500. Entertaining, incisive and highly practical, these educational seminars deliver Auteur’s insightful and highly practical principles of communication training in a fun, informative and engaging style. Auteur’s polished and concise keynote seminars are theory in action, demonstrating superbly the power of aligning the actor’s craft with corporate communication.

Great communication begins with connection.

Oprah Winfrey



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The stories we love best do live in us forever.

J.K Rowling

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.

Maya Angelou